What is a CMS system?

A content Management System (CMS) lets you manage your digital signage content in a fast, simple and effective manner from any central point.

A CMS will enable you to display videos, animations, widgets, news feeds, and social media on your display screens. Because of the lower costs of the CMS systems, the digital signage market is now available to all. The costs involved will depend upon how many licenses you require, so you pay per player.

If you are expecting rapid growth, can’t predict how many screens you’ll need and want the flexibility to add and remove displays over time as your situation changes, then a content management system will be of great benefit.

Our content management system has five main purposes:

Creating content from scratch using 100’s of templates we provide.

  • Adding and removing content from databases
  • Creating playlists and schedules
  • Managing media players
  • Sending content to media player

Our CMS provides additional functions and tools that improve your digital signage experience:

  • Templates:Content templates that can be customized to match your specific industry and objectives.
  • Remote management:Make changes for a central location without having to be there physically. Remote management is important when you have displays that are outdoor, in difficult to get to positions or are in far away locations.
  • Network monitoring:Checks the network status of all your devices to quickly report any downtime and fix issues.
  • User Control:Allows levels of accessibility to every individual useing the CRM to ensure that all content is checked and is displaying at the correct display location.
  • Scalability: Gives a digital signage solution freedom to expand with more displays and content and allows them all to be controlled from a single platform.

Be in Control (£0)

Our digital signage CMS Software A Complete Solution!

We, and our clients, believe that CS sign is one of the most easy to use digital signage systems available. Along with the power

and functionality available to the user – it’s a great choice for organisations large and small.

Easy To Use

No special IT or design skills are needed to operate CS sign. Many of our users have only basic computer skills but provide a stunning signage experience to viewers using our templates.




  • Time Schedule
  • Offers Schedule
  • Video / Picture
  • Footer Notice
  • Announcement
  • Template
  • iCloud Storage

Higher engagement

Target relevant messages to different audiences, locations and devices

Formats with ‘wow factor’

Use images, video, scrolling tickers, countdown clocks, live webpages and more…

Cloud-based solution

Access anywhere via secure, cloud-based online interface

Maximum visibility

Schedule messages in advance to publish and expire at pre-determined times


Professional cloud-based digital signage CMS for Mosque

We have a great alternative to having paper posters and leaflets dotted all-around your place of worship, instead, we believe digital signage will be ten times more effective and a lot less messy in sending out your message.

If you are not familiar with digital signage, it is simply a screen that displays information you wish to communicate to your community. Strategic locations of the screens are important, where the screens will most visible.  You can then display important information like future events, prayer times, religious quotes, development plans, opening times, rules and policies etc.  The information can be scheduled to be displayed at a certain time, for as long as it is needed and then it can automatically be replaced with another more updated information.

This will help reduce the constant design and production of posters and flyers etc, it is also more visually appealing and very eco-friendly. At Creative Signage Displays, we can help acquire equipment, installation of the hardware and the software. We also have talented graphic designers who can create attractive and eye-catching designs for your signage.





Replace Your Old Prayer Time Clock with Modern Masjid Digital Signage

    • 4 Prayer Time Positions
    • Iqamah Screen with Countdown
    • Animated Images & Slider
    • Time Schedule
    • Video / Picture
    • Footer Notice
    • Announcement
    • Prayer Times
    • Template

CMS Software